Applies to: WebFront 4

Note: This article requires at least WebFront v4.0.7334

WebFront supports branding the interface according to your organization’s branding.

Changing Colors

WebFront supports customizing the colors using LESS technology.

  1. Open file theme.less 
    located in: C:\inetpub\WebFront\content\css\

  2. Edit color codes according to your preference:







  3. Copy the entire file content

  4. Open a browser and go to

  5. Paste the content you copied in Step 3 into the left window

  6. Copy the output in the right window

  7. Edit file C:\inetpub\WebFront\content\css\theme.css

  8. Replace all content with content copied in step 6

  9. Save C:\inetpub\WebFront\content\css\theme.css

  10. Refresh WebFront to see the theming changes

Changing Logo

  1. Acquire a transparent PNG file of logo of your choice with size 112x23px

  2. Rename till file to customer-logo.png

  3. Copy the file to: C:\inetpub\WebFront\content\content\images\

  4. Refresh browser to see the new logo

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