Deep linking to new Work Item

Applies to: WebFront 4

Using a link with an entity create path and Class ID for work item type, a new work item form will open. This could for example be useful when you want to publish a link on your intranet for registering new incidents etc.

  • Incident Class ID = a604b942-4c7b-2fb2-28dc-61dc6f465c68
  • Service Request ID = 04b69835-6343-4de2-4b19-6be08c612989
  • Change Class ID = e6c9cf6e-d7fe-1b5d-216c-c3f5d2c7670c
  • Problem Class ID = 422afc88-5eff-f4c5-f8f6-e01038cde67f
  • Release Class ID = d02dc3b6-d709-46f8-cb72-452fa5e082b8

New Incident Example:

You can also open a new work item form with an applied template using the link construction above and applying a template ID.

New Incident with Template Example:

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