Request Management for WAP - Release Notes

Release Notes

Product: Request Management for Windows Azure Pack

Version: 1.5.6522 (System Center 2012) & 2.0.6522 (System Center 2016)

Release Date: 2017-11-10

Content: New Features, Corrections, Known Limitations

Request Management for Windows Azure Pack

Request Management for Windows Azure Pack allows users to submit, track and update incidents and requests for existing and new resources from within Windows Azure Pack.

Important: If you are installing or upgrading Request Management for Windows Azure Pack in a Service Manager 2012 environment, please make sure you use a version that is lower than 2.0. If you are on Service Manager 2016, please make sure you use an installer with a higher version number than 2.0. If you have any questions, please contact

New Featues

The following features have been added in this version.

  • Query result prompt now supports remote source and validation with multi-select


The following defects have been corrected in this version.

  • Additional columns in request/resource lists are now converted to local machine time zone

  • Request created using action, is now created in the same subscription as the target resource

  • Problem saving remote script settings on integer prompt has been fixed

Known Limitations

The following limitations have been identified in this version.

  • Request Offering: “DisplayOnly” mode is only supported for Query Result-, Simple List-, Text-, Integer-, List-, and Decimal Prompts. All other prompt types are ignored in DisplayOnly mode

  • Request Offering: Unbound MPEnumeration lists will cause the request wizard to fail
    Note: This can only happen when using the “WAP” publish alternative since this disables all validation normally done when using the standard “Published” status

  • Usage: When running in “User” mode the usage data is displayed per subscription

  • Query Result Prompt: Advanced criteria using “Generic Properties” cannot be used in combination with “Limit to Config Item Group” functionality

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