Configure WebFront 4 for forms-based authentication

Applies to: WebFront 4

Note: This article requires at least WebFront v4.0.6663

If you want to publish WebFront externally or need support devices with browsers that have limited Windows Authentication support, you need to enable forms-based authentication.

  1. Login to the WebFront server as an administrator
  2. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  3. Expand <SERVERNAME> - Sites - WebFront
  4. Select WebFront in left-pane
  5. Click Authentication in mid-pane
  6. Verify that Anonymous Authentication is the only method enabled
  7. Click API below WebFront site in left-side window
  8. Click Authentication in mid-pane
  9. Right-click Windows Authentication and select Disable to turn off Windows Authentication

  10. Right-click Anonymous Authentication and select Enable to turn on Anonymous Authentication
  11. Authentication configuration on API application should be conifgured as below
  12. Select Application Pools in left-pane
  13. Select WebFront application pool in mid-pane
  14. Click Advanced Settings...
  15. In Process Model section, find Identity and click browse button
  16. Select LocalSystem from drop-down list and click OK
  17. Click OK to close Advanced Settings and commit changes
  18. Open file C:\inetpub\WebFront\api\App_Data\Web.override.config in Notepad
  19. Change Authentication.Mode value from Windows to Mixed
  20. Save Web.override.config
  21. When accessing WebFront you will now always be prompted for credentials
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