WebFront for Service Manager - Release Notes

Release Notes

Product: WebFront for Service Manager

Version: 4.0.6663

Release Date: 2017-05-19

Content: New Features, Corrections, Known Limitations

WebFront for Service Manager

Manage your daily work in Microsoft System Center Service Manager™ via a web analyst console. The responsive design enhances the user experience significantly by scaling based on the browser, screen size, and orientation of the device.

New Features

The following features have been added in this version.

  • Integration with Skype, that enables you to:

    • Communicate with any user specified in a form

    • Easily create a new work item for a user you are communicating with in Skype

    • See presence of any Skype enabled user in the WebFront forms

  • Possibility to integrate WebFront with your Telephony System (CTI) for quick lookup of information or optimized ticket registration for a calling user

  • Support for third-party product: itnetX SendEmail

  • Support for community tools: SendEmail

  • Support for community tools: SendEmail for Service Request

  • Support for Gridpro PowerAssign

  • Support for Gridpro PowerForm

  • Possibility to force a specific date time format for all users in WebFront, this overrides the normal behavior where WebFront tries to use the selected language to figure out which format to use

  • New authentication method, optimized for none domain joined devices and users

  • A rich User Form with the same capabilities as the form found in the standard console


The following defects have been corrected in this version.

  • Minor graphical corrections in mobile UX

Known Limitations

See Release Roadmap WebFront 4 for current available functionality comparing to Silverlight version.


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