Configure Skype integration with Office 365

Applies to: WebFront 4

Note: This article requires at least WebFront v4.0.6663


  • Autodiscovery must be present in the environment
  • Internet access is required on the client


Azure Active Directory Application Registration

  1. Go to
  2. Login with a user that has permission to create an AAD application registration entry
  3. Click Azure Active Directory
  4. Click App Registrations
  5. Click New application registration
  6. Type a name and select the Application type to Web app/API
  7. Set Sign-on URL to FQDN of your WebFront server
  8. Click Create
  9. Open App registration created above
  10. Click Required permissions in the right-pane
  11. Click Add
  12. Select Skype for Business Online (Microsoft.Lync) and click Select
  13. Check all checkboxes below DELEGATED PERMISSIONS and click Select
  14. Click Done
  15. Close Required permissions pane
  16. Copy and save the Application ID for the created App registration for later use
  17. Done


  1. Log into WebFront as an SCSM Administrator
  2. Click Administration wunderbar
  3. Click General
  4. In the Skype section, click Yes to enable Skype integration
  5. Select Office 365 from the Mode drop-down list
  6. In the Azure Active Directory Application field, type in the Application ID that you saved during preparations
  7. Click Yes to enable Web SDK Preview Version, if you want to enable Voice/Video
  8. Click OK to commit changes
  9. Refresh your browser
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