Configure Skype integration with local Skype server

Applies to: WebFront 4

Note: This article requires at least WebFront v4.0.6663


  • Autodiscovery must be present in the environment.
  • Internet access is required on the client.
  • If your WebFront server and Skype/Lync server is located in different Windows domains you need to configure Cross Domain Authorization. Please see below instructions how to add WebFront server to the cross domain authorization list.
  • To add your WebFront server to the list of trusted origins, run the following command using Lync/Skype for Business Management PowerShell prompt. Make sure you replace <WebfrontServerFQDN> with fully qualified domain name used when accessing WebFront in your browser.

#Get identity
$identity = Get-CsWebServiceConfiguration | select identity
#Prepare origin record
$x = New-CsWebOrigin -Url "https://<WebfrontServerFQDN>"
#Add origin record
Set-CsWebServiceConfiguration -Identity $identity.Identity -CrossDomainAuthorizationList @{Add=$x} #List origin records to see that the WebFront url has been added.
Get-CsWebServiceConfiguration | select -ExpandProperty CrossDomainAuthorizationList


  1. Log into WebFront as an SCSM Administrator
  2. Click Administration wunderbar
  3. Click General
  4. In the Skype section, click Yes to enable Skype integration
  5. Select On-Premise from the Mode drop-down list
  6. In the SIP Domain field, type in the configured Skype domain for your users
  7. Click Yes to enable Web SDK Preview Version, if you want to enable Voice/Video
  8. Click OK to commit changes
  9. Refresh your browser
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