Redirect Default Web Site requests to WebFront

Configure redirection of requests from the Default Web Site to the WebFront application has been requested by several customers with the intention to provide a more friendly URL. This will enable users to access WebFront by typing only the hostname (i.e. and then automatically be redirected to the WebFront application (

To configure this for Internet Information Server 7 and higher the URL Rewrite 2.0 Module needs to be installed. Please see the steps needed below.

  • Download and Run URL Rewrite 2.0 from here
  • Click Install
  • Click I Accept
  • Click Finish
  • Click Exit
  • Click Start – Administrative Tools - Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  • In the left-pane expand <Servername> - Sites and select Default Web Site
  • In the center-pane double-click URL Rewrite
  • In the right-pane click New Rule(s)…
  • Select Inbound rules – Blank rule and click OK
  • Configure the Inbound Rule according to above picture
  • Click Apply in the upper right-corner
  • Close Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  • Open a Command Prompt with Administrative Privileges
  • Run IISReset command
  • Done


IMPORTANT: When verifying the redirect be sure to clear any browser cookies etc.

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