WebFront for Service Manager - Release History

Release History

Product: WebFront for Service Manager

Current Version: 2.10.6773 (System Center 2012) & 3.0.6773 (System Center 2016)

Release Date: 2018-07-18

WebFront for Service Manager

WebFront for Service Manager is a web console used for managing your daily work in Microsoft System Center Service Manager™. It enables common tasks usually only accessible by using the System Center Service Manager console to be accessible via a web browser.

2.10.6773 & 3.0.6773 (2018-07-18)

  • FIX - Signing certificate has been updated. Please export and update the certificate in your environment if you have elevated permissions configured. See product documentation for instructions.

2.10.6513 & 3.0.6513 (2017-11-01)

  • FIX - Action Log entry for Record Assigned was written with wrong Action Type

2.10.6492 & 3.0.6492 (2017-10-11)

  • FIX - Required fields on tabs other than General were not enforced

2.10.6390 & 3.0.6390 (2017-07-03)

  • NEW - Installer signing certificate has been renewed, if you have enabled Elevated Trust on your clients please make sure to update the certificate to the renewed certificate

2.10.6309 & 3.0.6309 (2017-04-11)

  • FIX - Views hidden using the “Hide” console task in the standard console are no longer shown in WebFront

  • FIX - Resolved Date and Resolution Description are now set correctly on Incidents solved through a Parent Incident

  • FIX - Fixed compatibility issue with PowerView Advanced Criteria and advanced criteria in “sub views”

  • FIX - When using the “Assign To” console tasks on Service Request, this is now being documented in the Action Log in the same way as by the standard console

2.10.6186 & 3.0.6186 (2016-12-12)

  • FIX - Compatibility issue with PowerView Advanced Criteria, when complex criteria were applied as "Advanced Criteria" WebFront failed to parse the criteria

2.10.6146 & 3.0.6146 (2016-11-09)

  • NEW - Support added for Windows Server 2016

2.10.6107 & 3.0.6127 (2016-10-10)

  • NEW - Support for System Center 2016 Service Manager (v3.0.6127)

  • FIX - Some culture settings caused inconsistency to the date time formats in forms compared to views

  • FIX - Minor UX fix

2.10.6102 (2016-09-10)

  • NEW - It is now possible to use the ItnetX Send Email freemium features

  • NEW - It is now possible to add an Analyst Comment when using PowerAssign

  • NEW - You can now access the Knowledge Articles workspace

  • NEW - You can now create Knowledge Articles

  • NEW - You can now access the Announcements workspace

  • NEW - You can now create Announcements

  • NEW - CTI for Service Manager

    • It is now possible to automatically assign tickets to [Me]

    • It is now possible to pass template identifier in the url when opening CTI for Service Manager in browser

  • FIX - “Resolve By” was not showing when based on SLA instead of Priority for Incidents

  • FIX - A few seconds after loading the Incident form, selected input control lost focus

  • FIX - File names with special characters caused exceptions when opened

  • FIX - PowerAssign: When used on Incidents, no entry was written to the Action Log

2.9.5956 (2016-04-22)

  • FIX - During certain conditions a deep link to an incident caused an error preventing the user from accessing the form

2.9.5955 (2016-04-21)

  • FIX - An issue introduced in version 2.9.5941 caused the installation/upgrade to fail while applying file permissions on “CustomSettings.Config”

2.9.5941 (2016-04-07)

  • FIX - SLA time values were calculated incorrectly for certain time zones

  • FIX - CTI for Service Manager sometimes failed to register tickets, this problem was introduced in version v2.9.5858

  • FIX - File Attachments uploaded from the new Self Service Portal (Html5 portal) from Microsoft could not be opened in WebFront

  • FIX - AppSettings section in the web.config file were overwritten during upgrade

  • FIX - Indexed bindings (e.g. Reviewer[0].User.DisplayName) were not supported in views

2.9.5891 (2016-02-17)

  • NEW - It is now possible to double click Activities on the Activities tab (e.g. in the Incident- and Change Request Form) to open up their forms

  • FIX - A problem with the date time pickers on the Change Request Form for Scheduled Start- and End Date caused errors under certain circumstances

  • FIX - Using the community solution “UnGrouped Incident Status Tasks” (see url below) did not work correctly within a form

  • FIX - Adding a Child Incident that already had a Parent Incident generated an incorrect error message

  • FIX - Using the console task “Assign to Me” left a dialog open if the Work Item was already assigned to you

  • FIX - It was possible to close a release record with status “Editing”

  • FIX - When using the console task “Return to Activity” it was not possible to return to an Activity that had been “skipped”

  • FIX - When configuring multiple relationships as required in the same form, the validation templates sometimes failed to show which relationship that was required

  • FIX - The dialog shown when using “Return to Activity” showed an incorrect date time format (introduced in version 2.9)

2.9.5858 (2016-01-15)

  • NEW - It is now possible to mark any relationship as required, forcing a user to e.g. set the Affected User before being able to submit a new work item

  • NEW - It is now possible to add custom tabs to any work item or configuration item form in WebFront
    Note: Not possible in the GenericForm

  • NEW - It is now possible to configure a default domain name for Forms Authentication

  • NEW - The SingleInstancePicker is now represented as a code snippet in the Customization Editor

  • NEW - The Generic Form now has the Related Items tab

  • NEW - It is now possible to right click a view to access a menu which allows you to start/stop auto refresh of view (refreshes once per minute)

  • NEW - It is now possible to configure WebFront to refresh the selected, if any, view after closing a form or running a console task

  • NEW - Loading forms have been optimized by excluding file attachments from the process, file attachments are now retrieved on demand when needed

  • NEW - WebFront now supports the Un Grouped Incident Status Console Tasks available through this community solution:

  • NEW - PowerAssign: It is now possible to set/change the support group in the “Assign by Enum” console task

  • FIX - PowerForm did not merge template description with PowerForm description

  • FIX - The Service Request Form did not show the Request Offering name in the header until after first Submit

  • FIX - It was possible to set an End Date which occurs before the Start Date when planning a Change Request

  • FIX - File Save Dialog crashed when Extension property on File Attachment did not start with "."
    Note: This only happened when someone added a file through a custom process like a PowerShell script or similar

  • FIX - It was not possible to select the last item in view when sorted ascending

  • FIX - It was not possible to open Attached Files in closed Release Records

  • FIX - Trying to change a closed Release Record to Canceled gave an incorrect message back to the user

  • FIX - Time was calculated incorrectly when planning over a daylight saving shift

2.8.5715 (2015-08-24)

  • NEW - It is now possible to manage billable time for Incidents as in the standard console

    • The stop watch for billable time can be hidden though form customizations

    • The possibility to add/subtract billable time manually can be prevented by hiding the add/subtract buttons through form customizations

  • NEW - It is now possible to scope a user search to the group “Global Operators”

  • NEW - It is now possible to add the text from an IM session to an existing Work Item within CTI for Service Manager

  • FIX - Using the console task called View Related Hardware Assets, which is part of the integration with Provance Asset Management, caused an application error when no assets could be found

  • FIX - Using the UserPicker with a custom class deriving from System.User within form customizations caused an application error

  • FIX - When viewing a Service Request which has been created using the Syliance web portal, configured to use “Enum as text” (in the user input table), caused an application error

  • FIX - The Manual Activity form was missing translations for the “General” tab

  • FIX - Custom enumeration lists, added to child forms, were not populated when opening the child form from the parent Work Item

  • FIX - Using views targeting a basic class in combination with Forms Authentication caused application errors

  • FIX - After sorting a view, the last item could not be opened using double click

  • FIX - Duplicate ViewStrings, declared for the same view in a management pack, caused application errors

2.7.5618 (2015-05-21)

  • FIX - Under certain circumstances an exception is thrown while adding a new activity to a work item

  • FIX - Under certain circumstances, when working with custom work item classes, activities were not shown on the Activities tab in the Service Request-, Change Request-, and container (parallel, sequential) Activity forms

2.7.5598 (2015-04-30)

  • NEW - Possibility to Skip/Un-Skip an Activity (right click activity to access menu)

  • NEW - Support for the Provance IT Asset Management console task: “View Related Hardware Assets”

  • NEW - New Form "Gridpro Service Management Automation Activity"

  • FIX - Support Group was not honored in template when creating a new Incident from a template when a default support group has been defined in Incident Settings

  • FIX - The Orchestrator Runbook Activity Form did not show correct parameter mapping

  • FIX - Creating a custom Incident (or other Work Item type) from a template resulted in wrong type of Work Item

  • FIX - Service Level Target were shown using the wrong date time format in views

  • FIX - Incident Template Picker showed the wrong class names when templates targeting custom types are listed

  • FIX - Attached Files could not be downloaded from a closed Change Request

  • FIX - The Problem Risk Calculator was not working

  • FIX - When using a Date Time Picker in a Customization Zone it used the wrong date time format under certain circumstances

  • FIX - Custom console tasks did not work correctly when no target folder is specified

  • FIX - The SingleInstancePicker did not honor the BaseClass setting

  • FIX - Show/Hide Extensions dialog rendered behind parent form on tablets

  • FIX - Views showed duplicates under certain circumstances

  • FIX - Views showed the wrong count when clicking refresh while a filter is applied

  • FIX - CTI: It was not possible to do an exact match of phone number, only searches using a “like” statement

  • FIX - CTI: Related Items were missing the Change Request icon

  • FIX - CTI: Related Items showed dates using the wrong format

2.6.5380 (2014-09-01)

  • NEW - Support for the custom combination views that can now be created and managed in PowerView for Service Manager

  • FIX - Custom Service Request Area Enumeration support in CTI for Service Manager

  • FIX - Deep Links are no longer case sensitive


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