Command Line Parameters for Silent Install - Resource Provider

Sample command line for silent install

"Request Management for WAP API v1.4.5739.exe" /quiet AGREETOLICENSE="yes" SM_SERVER_NAME="" SM_ACCOUNT_NAME="smservice" SM_ACCOUNT_DOMAIN="contoso" SM_ACCOUNT_PASSWORD="P@$$w0rd1" SM_API_USER="abc123" SM_API_PASSWORD="P@$$w0rd1" SQL_SERVER_NAME="" SQL_DATABASE="ServiceManager" SQL_CONN_STR=";Database=ServiceManager;Integrated Security=True"




Service Manager Management Server or load balancing cluster of Management Servers to work against.


The account name of a Service Manager Admin. We suggest you use the “SM Service” account, same as used by the System Center Data Access Service on the Management Servers.


The domain of the account used in SM_ACCOUNT_NAME.


The password of the account used in SM_ACCOUNT_NAME.


A user name of your choice that you want to use to connect to the web service from Windows Azure Pack.


A password of your choice that you want to use to connect to the web service from Windows Azure Pack.


The System Center SQL server name (where the ServiceManager database runs).

If required you can specify instance and port using the following syntax. <server>\<instance>,<port>

SQL_DATABASE The name of the Service Manager database, normally ServiceManager.

The connection string to be used by the Usage Collector against the Service Manager database.

Should typically be: “Server=<SQL_SERVER_NAME>;Database=<SQL_DATABASE>;Integrated Security=True”

The account that will be using the connection string is the SM_ACCOUNT_NAME


NOTE: In future releases we’ll make the SQL_CONN_STR parameter optional, if not specified we’ll construct it based on the SQL_SERVER_NAME and SQL_DATABASE parameters.

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