Integration between CTI and Avaya one-X Agent

The integration with Avaya would be using the screen popup feature of the Avaya one-X Agent software. What is actually is happening is that a new browser window will open for an incoming call (see more options in the below screenshot), showing the calling users information if found in CMDB. 

1. Go into Settings in the Avaya one-X Agent and add the following screen popup


Name: CTI for Service Manager
Address or URL of program:

(Replace with the server name of your WebFront CTI server name)

Command Line Parameters:


(sip can be used instead of phonenumber if you can get the user's email address from the PBX system)

Trigger when an inbound call is: Ringing

Sample executed command based on above input:

2. The above sample opens a new browser window and resolves my user based on phone number in CMDB (see below)





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