EvOps in a Multi-Tenancy Deployment

Published: January 2018

EvOps supports multi-tenancy in Azure Stack. The diagram below provides an overview of how resources can be accessed between tenants when an EvOps Account is hosted in one of the Tenant T1 subscriptions. 



Tenant T1 has a subscription where an EvOps account has been created.

  • Only users/groups from Tenant T1's configured directory can be set as reviewers and implementers, but other tenants can be managed
  • Request templates published to Azure Stack Marketplace can be requested by both Tenant T1 and Tenant T2, if Tenant T2 has been whitelisted in the EvOps account
  • Marketplace items will be visible for both tenants, but if for example Tenant T2 hasn't been whitelisted users will be denied when requesting marketplace items

All marketplace items are visible even if users don’t have access, this is a limitation in Azure Stack that we are working on resolving.

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