WebFront for Service Manager - Release Notes

Release Notes

Product: WebFront for Service Manager

Version: 4.0.8065

Release Date: 2018-04-11

Content: New Features, Corrections, Known Limitations

WebFront for Service Manager

Manage your daily work in Microsoft System Center Service Manager™ via a web analyst console. The responsive design enhances the user experience significantly by scaling based on the browser, screen size, and orientation of the device.

New Features

The following features have been added in this version.

  • Configuring auto-refresh on views

  • Refreshing current view when saving form

  • Initiating Skype conversations and comments to existing work items

  • Form customization support for derived classes


The following defects have been corrected in this version.

  • Decimal properties now show correctly in generic forms

  • address is now only accessed at start up when CTI is enabled

  • Linking/unlinking parent incident now works for both parent/child

  • Skipped activities now have skip icon before service request is completed

  • It is now possible to add rich text field to form customization

  • Performance improvements opening forms in larger environments

Known Limitations

See Release Roadmap WebFront 4 for current available functionality comparing to Silverlight version.


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