Manual License Activation

Activate License

  1. Login as a Cloud Admin on Azure Stack Administration site
  2. Select More services > EvOps
  3. Click License management

Internet Connected Environment

  1. Click Activate license
  2. Type in your activation key
  3. Click OK

Non-Internet Connected Environment

  1. Click Activate license
  2. Copy license request string, paste into a text file e.g. using Notepad and save it for later use

Manual Activation Process

  1. Go to 
  2. Upload the request file to the Manual Activation site
  3. Download the license file (.bin extension) returned by the activation service on a successful activation

Install License File

  1. When you receive license file, click Offline activation request
  2. Browse and select license file received and click OK

On completion of the above process the application is activated and ready for use.

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