Manual License Activation

License Activation

This article below shows a step-by-step instruction how this is accomplished. It is the same procedure for evaluation activation and commercial registration. When performing a commercial activation, any active evaluation licenses will be automatically removed and replaced by the commercial license.

  1. Open WebFront in a browser
  2. If you start WebFront for the first time you will automatically be prompted to activate the product. If you already have a valid license that you want to replace, click the gear icon in the upper right corner in WebFront to go to the activation wizard
  3. Specify Activation Key, then click OK to activate

Offline Activation

  1. If WebFront is unable to reach our license server you will be prompted to do an offline activation
  2. Copy the text, paste into a text file e.g. using Notepad and save it for later use

Manual Activation Process

  1. Go to 
  2. Upload the request file to the Manual Activation site
  3. Download the license file (.bin extension) returned by the activation service on a successful activation

Install License File

  1. When you receive the license file, open the activation page and check I have a license file
  2. Click Add and browse and select license file, then click Open
  3. Click OK to activate

Your license has now been activated and WebFront is ready.

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