EvOps for Azure Stack - Release Notes

Release Notes

Product: EvOps for Azure Stack

Version: 1.1808.661

Release Date: 2018-10-26

Content: New Features, Corrections, Known Limitations

EvOps for Azure Stack

Take control of how your resources in Microsoft Azure Stack are provisioned and managed with possibility to integrate with leading ITSM tools, using EvOps for Azure Stack.

New Featues

The following features have been added in this version.

  • SKU prompts now support refreshed by/conditional visibility

  • Visibility now has a graphical criteria editor

  • Workflow now supports skip conditions for activities

  • Request template preview mode

  • ARM deployment activity now supports provisioning of resources in public Azure as well as remote Azure Stack stamps (PREVIEW)

  • Remote source now supports setting prompts read/read-only

  • Prompt validation now validates on keystrokes

  • Support for sub-labels and watermark for textbox prompts

  • Support for RegEx Flags


The following defects have been corrected in this version.

  • It was possible to add required validator multiple times

  • It was possible to add two features with the same name in SKU pickers

  • Date values in Userinput were shown as ISO instead of formatted date

  • History in event rules was not sorted

  • SKU prompts needed cost value set for Visibility dependency to work

Known Limitations

The following limitations have been identified in this version.

  • It is currently not possible to edit list values like "Classification, Source, Support group". This will be possible in a future release.

  • Resource group- and location picker are added by default to the wizard of a new request template. For any request that does not include a Deployment Activity, the resource group and location picker can be removed.

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