PowerAssign: How to enable optional behaviors

Note: This article requires at least PowerPack v1.3.6880 or v2.0.6880.

PowerAssign has optional behaviors that can be enabled or disabled using PowerShell.

Mandatory comment

Comment field can be set to mandatory and force users to add a comment when using PowerAssign.

Clear assigned to field if no user is selected

Assigned to field can be configured to be cleared if using PowerAssign and no user/group has been selected.

Use below script to toggle the behaviors on/off.

$ComputerName="<Management Server>"
$IsCommentRequired = $true $ClearAssignedUserWhenNotSelected = $true Write-Verbose -Message "Connecting to $ComputerName" New-SCManagementGroupConnection -ComputerName $ComputerName $settings = get-scclass -name Gridpro.ServiceManager.PowerAssign.Setting|Get-SCClassInstance
Write-Verbose -Message "Setting IsCommentRequired to $IsCommentRequired" $settings.IsCommentRequired = $IsCommentRequired $settings.ClearAssignedUserWhenNotSelected = $ClearAssignedUserWhenNotSelected
Update-SCClassInstance -Instance $settings -Verbose
Write-Verbose -Message 'Settings have now been updated!' -Verbose
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