Receiving an error when clicking on "Work Items Assigned to Me"




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    Patrik Sundqvist

    Hi Steve,

    If the error appears when clicking a view they can try this.

    1. Right click inside of WebFront.

    2. Click Silverlight

    3. Click the Application Storage tab

    4. Select the Url related to WebFront

    5. Click Delete...

    6. Click Yes to confirm deleting the personal settings for WebFront

    7. Close the browser

    8. Open the browser and navigate to the view again

    If this removes the error then I would recommend that you plan to upgrade WebFront asap.

    Best regards,


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  • Judy Olsen

    I get an error about third party views. I tried the above and it did not work for me.

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  • Steven Eagleson


    I've seen the same error. What browser/version are you using?



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  • Patrik Sundqvist

    Hi Judy, Steve,

    First let me ask you Steve. Did my response solve the original problem "Argument out of range [Index]"?

    I think the "3rd party...." thing is a different problem but I want to ask you. Which views are you clicking when you see these issues? Out of the box views, third party views, any customizations made to these views?


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  • Judy Olsen

    Patrik - I only see this occurring when I click just the "My Service Requests" view as noted in the screen shot I attached to my ticket.

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  • Judy Olsen

    Also in answer to Steve's question. IE11 is the browser and version.

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  • Judy Olsen

    Patrik thanks for discovering this issue. As noted once I sent you the "My Work Items" MP you mentioned you saw that it was a corrupt MP. "Regarding the My Work Items I found a few problems in the MP-XML. Problems that the standard console just disregards but WebFront is more sensitive against. 

    1. In several views there was duplicate ViewString as shown in the "Issue1" screenshot.

    2. The XML is corrupt due to the text "Alfa" as shown in "Issue2" screenshot."

    I re-imported the new MP that you corrected and verified it was successful in eliminating the issue. Thanks!

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