WebFront for Service Manager - Release History

Release History

Product: WebFront for Service Manager

Current Version: 4.0.8178

Release Date: 2018-10-18

WebFront for Service Manager

WebFront for Service Manager is a web console used for managing your daily work in Microsoft System Center Service Manager™. It enables common tasks usually only accessible by using the System Center Service Manager console to be accessible via a web browser.

4.0.8178 (2018-10-18)

  • FIX - Properties were not transferred to template when creating Release Record

  • FIX - Rich text property changes were not reflected in history tab

  • FIX - Column alignment was out synced when clicking view column filter button in Microsoft Edge

  • FIX - It was not possible to paste pictures into knowledge articles

  • FIX - History tab did not show correctly when dynamic views were enabled

  • FIX - PowerAssign was not honouring IsCommentRequired setting

  • FIX - It was not possible to hide IR "Affected user Cis" control in Incident form


4.0.8155 (2018-10-09)

  • NEW - Console task now supported using JavaScript

  • NEW - Release Management support now implemented

  • NEW - Form customizations of generic forms now possible

  • FIX - It was possible to set an earlier End date than Start date on activities

4.0.8125 (2018-09-13)

  • NEW - WebFront now handles incoming Skype conversation as other Skype clients do

  • NEW - Skype notification improvements

  • NEW - Toast message for new conversations

  • NEW - Indication of new message in existing conversations

  • NEW - Ability to close a conversation

  • FIX - It was possible to set an earlier End date than Start date on Change Requests

  • FIX - Error messages were not enough visible to users when failing to save forms

  • FIX - Approve/reject comments limit was set to 4000 char instead of 256 char

  • FIX - WORK ITEMS AFFECTING THIS CONFIGURATION ITEM section was missing in generic form

  • FIX - Task spacing added

  • FIX - Minor form label adjustments

4.0.8096 (2018-06-21)

  • FIX - Images were not showing correctly in KB articles when imported from RTF

  • FIX - Clicking OK in the Search User dialog without selecting a user, left the dialog in a spinning status

4.0.8090 (2018-06-05)

  • NEW - Search knowledge article improvements

  • NEW - Column resizing support

  • NEW - Double-click support added where applicable

  • NEW - Full text tooltip is showing when text is cut

  • NEW - All views now honour dynamic view settings

  • NEW- Limited multiline value support

  • NEW- User preferences like column width and sort order are now saved in browser cookie

  • FIX - PowerAssign now supports clearing Support Group in WebFront as in Service Manager

  • FIX - Memory leak in auto refresh feature fixed

  • FIX - Service Level Target column showed “Invalid date” when string was empty

  • FIX - PowerView showed error message “Third party views not supported” randomly even when supported

4.0.8065 (2018-04-11)

  • NEW - Configuring auto-refresh on views

  • NEW - Refreshing current view when saving form

  • NEW - Initiating Skype conversations and comments to existing work items

  • NEW - Form customization support for derived classes

  • FIX - Decimal properties now show correctly in generic forms

  • FIX - address is now only accessed at start up when CTI is enabled

  • FIX - Linking/unlinking parent incident now works for both parent/child

  • FIX - Skipped activities now have skip icon before service request is completed

  • FIX - It is now possible to add rich text field to form customization

  • FIX - Performance improvements opening forms in larger environments

4.0.8039 (2018-03-16)

  • FIX - PowerView randomly failed to represent all component aliases

  • FIX - PowerViews based on single view without criteria failed to load

4.0.8001 (2018-01-23)

  • FIX - Saving user objects without time zone set, caused standard console to crash when user was opened

4.0.7932 (2018-01-11)

  • NEW - Support for file attachment control in form customizations

  • FIX - Clicking clear X icon in IE and Edge was not clearing property in list box controls

  • FIX - Record assigned was logged in action log at SR/IR creation

  • FIX - Create Knowledge Article task was missing

  • FIX - Issues opening Checklist activities from work items

  • FIX - Issues adding Checklist activities to work items

4.0.7894 (2017-12-22)

  • NEW - Support for related items property fields in customized forms

  • NEW - Multi select support when adding e.g. affected configuration items

  • FIX - It was possible to delete activities, even if not having status New

  • FIX - Affected user was not transferred to Service Request when using Create Service Request task from Incident form

  • FIX - Alternate contact method field was not saved in PowerForm

  • FIX - Resizing browser window sometimes messed up columns and rows

  • FIX - Assigned user object picker was not logging in action log for Service Requests and Incidents

  • FIX - New activities in existing SR with status Submitted were not triggering internal workflow to set Service Request in progress

  • FIX - Using cross icon to clear user control fields in IE and Edge did not save correctly

4.0.7806 (2017-11-28)

  • NEW - It is now possible to configure stopwatch in Incident Form not to start automatically

  • NEW - It is now possible to configure stopwatch in Incident Form to hide

  • NEW - Template picker in CTI/PowerForm has been changed to a grouped combobox to allow filtering and enable easier navigation

  • NEW - License management has been moved to Administration > General

  • NEW - Improved support for itnetX Billable Time

    • Show/Hide stopwatch in Change Request-, Service Request-, Problem-, Manual Activity Form using configuration in Administration > General > Billable Time

    • Configure stopwatch to start automatically or not in Change Request-, Service Request-, Problem-, Manual Activity Form using configuration in Administration > General > Billable Time

    • Allow creation of multiple time entries per analyst

    • Allow comments to be added to time entries

    • Allow time to be marked as “Unbillable”

  • NEW - Support for itnetX Checklist Activity

  • NEW - It is now possible to hide Extension tab using form customizations

  • NEW - Support for creating and editing Announcements with rich text

  • FIX - File attachment settings were ignored in some work item forms

  • FIX - User picker added through form customization was read only, no matter setting

  • FIX - Selecting Windows Computer as target in global search did not work correctly

  • FIX - Sorting on date time columns in views did not work correctly for certain date time formats

  • FIX - Long texts were cut off in History table, making it impossible to read the complete text

  • FIX - Selecting an expanded element in the History table rendered the text unreadable due to “selected” style

  • FIX - Using the task Complete and/or Close on a Service Request did not set all properties/relationships compared to standard console

  • FIX - Switching view while current view still loading caused an error

  • FIX - Column filters were not applied correctly to views in certain UI modes

  • FIX - It was not possible to download files containing characters like “åäö” in Internet Explorer

  • FIX - Horizontal scrollbar was sometimes not visible in views when running with “Dynamic” (responsive) views turned off

4.0.7514 (2017-10-11)

  • NEW - It is now possible to enable horizontal scroll in views

  • NEW - View items count is now displayed in breadcrumb

  • NEW - Computer form is now supported

  • NEW - Activity action buttons now have tooltips

  • NEW - Global search textbox was added to top bar

  • NEW - Read-only control support for form customizations

  • FIX - Work around for Full screen mode in Internet Explorer 11

  • FIX - Logo was not showing in Internet Explorer 11

  • FIX - History was empty on generic forms

  • FIX - History entries did not display seconds

4.0.7334 (2017-09-08)

  • NEW - Form customization support

    • Add/hide fields

    • Add required fields

    • Add custom tabs

  • NEW - Search by column

  • NEW - Allow users to maximize blades

  • NEW - Global Search

  • NEW - Theming

  • FIX - Performance improvements

  • FIX - User Picker can now be cleared without using backspace

4.0.7008 (2017-06-30)

  • FIX - Installer now adds IIS extension in upgrade as well

4.0.6951 (2017-06-28)

  • NEW - Support for itnetX Billable Time (Free version, version 2.0.x.4 or later)

  • NEW - Support for creating custom types

  • FIX - Extension tab did not show properties of custom type when used with fallback form

  • FIX - Activities tab did not show Activities below a depth of 3 levels

  • FIX - Trying to create pre-resolved Incidents using PowerForm caused an error

  • FIX - User Form was not displayed correctly when a user did not have a language preference

  • FIX - Default support group took precedence over chosen support group in PowerForm

  • FIX - PowerForm did not pick up the Title property from chosen template
    Note: This only applied if no Title had been entered by user

  • FIX - itnetX Send Mail task did not show for Service Requests

  • FIX - Default Template setting in itnetX Send Mail was not honored

  • FIX - The "cc" address used with itnetX Send Mail was not written to the Action Log

  • FIX - Using WebFront on small screens caused several UX issues

  • FIX - Downloading certain file types (e.g. Word and Excel files) caused an issue

  • FIX - Performance improvements when opening forms in WebFront and PowerView

4.0.6663 (2017-05-19)

  • NEW - Integration with Skype, that enables you to:

    • Communicate with any user specified in a form

    • Easily create a new work item for a user you are communicating with in Skype

    • See presence of any Skype enabled user in the WebFront forms

  • NEW - Possibility to integrate WebFront with your Telephony System (CTI) for quick lookup of information or optimized ticket registration for a calling user

  • NEW - Support for third-party product: itnetX Send Mail

  • NEW - Support for community tools: SendEmail and SendEmail for Service Request Fulfillment

  • NEW - Support for Gridpro PowerAssign and PowerForm

  • NEW - Possibility to force a specific date time format for all users in WebFront, this overrides the normal behavior where WebFront tries to use the selected language to figure out which format to use

  • NEW - New authentication method, optimized for none domain joined devices and users

  • NEW - A rich User Form with the same capabilities as the form found in the standard console

  • FIX - Minor graphical corrections in mobile UX

4.0.6245 (2017-03-22)

  • FIX - View columns bound to the generic Name property ($Name$) did not work

4.0.6176 (2017-03-15)

  • NEW - Full support for Problem Management including Form and Console Tasks

  • NEW - Views now show 50 rows per page to improve performance on low performance devices and browsers

  • FIX - Improved performance for Internet Explorer and Edge
    Note: For best performance, we recommend Chrome

  • FIX - SLA Met did not show correct icon on Service Level tab in Incident Form

  • FIX - User Input table on Service Request forms did not show correct data for Query Result prompts

4.0.6092 (2017-03-03)

  • NEW - Service Request Fulfillment

    • Form

    • Console Tasks

  • NEW - Change Management

    • Form

    • Console Tasks

  • NEW - Activity Management

    • Review Activity Form and Tasks

    • Parallel Activity Form and Tasks

    • Sequential Activity Form and Tasks

4.0.5980 (2017-02-17)

  • FIX - Issue with offline license activation

  • FIX - Issue where validation errors were not visualized on the extension tab

  • FIX - Issue with Incident Priority Calculation in Internet Explorer

  • FIX - Installer issue with “mimeType” registration

  • FIX - IsPrivate flag on comments was set to null instead of False which resulted in comments not being public

4.0.5920 (2017-02-06)

  • FIX - Installation failed on IIS servers with locked down feature delegation

  • FIX - Navigation issue occurred after deep linking to a form and opening up a view while the form was left open

4.0.5901 (2017-02-02)

  • NEW - Finally, we are proud to announce general availability of WebFront for Service Manager 4.0. It delivers significantly improved access to System Center Service Manager from any modern browser, device or OS, with no dependencies on plugins. The responsive design enhances the WebFront user experience by scaling based on the browser and screen size and will automatically change according to the orientation of the device.


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